The Art Addiction Company and LarkGallery Online Present:

Exhibition and Master Classes

Initiating an art dialogue between two great sister cities Los Angeles and St Petersburg (Russia)
Cosponsored by the City of West Hollywood's Arts Participation Grant and LASPSCC.

The program consists of two parts:

• An exhibition of world-renowned and emerging talented Russian and
American artists:

Tamara Semenova, Azat Mamedinov, Boris Gudanaev, Sasha Krivsov, Gregory Pototsky, Roya Adjory, Lisa Bahouth, Eva Montealegre, Young Summers, Annemarie Rawlinson, Anastasia Lebedeva, Lark (Larisa Pilinsky), Dasha Guilliam, Anusati, Sel Sarkin, Peter Shpayer.

In addition to large-scale artworks, artists will exhibit “small treasures” intended as holiday gifts.

• Master Classes:

Actual art works will be created during the Master Classes as artists from two continents, working in pairs on single canvasses, reflect their different backgrounds and beliefs and meld their views, in the process transcending their divergent perceptions of the world. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch this creative process in action.

Saturday, December 17, 2011, 12-8 p.m.
Sunday, December, 18, 2011 12-6 p.m.
8590 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California 90069
Public parking at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Alta Loma Road

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The mission of the Art Addiction Company and LarkGalleryOnline is to promote contemporary visual artists, within the US and throughout the world, through exhibitions, artistic dialogues, outreach, and related programming.

Exclusive media opportunity:
December 17th at noon
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Maria Ziering