Welcome to The Art Addiction – an inspirational place to satisfy your cravings for Art and Creativity. Here everyone can embrace the healing power of Art through an encounter with our Artists’ glorious expression of imagination. The current infatuation with technology undermines the impulse to worship beauty. Sometimes it seems that we, as human beings, are almighty and can reform and adapt nature according to our needs, while forgetting our divine origin. We aspire to conquer the Universe, seeking to destroy, to suppress, to violate…

Art reminds us that our world is fragile, tender and lyrical.

Art stimulates kindness and tolerance. Art is giving; it doesn’t ask for anything in return. Rather, it shares its heart with everybody. It’s up to you to let inspiration in. Once you’ve experienced the true dialog with Art, you become an addict to all that is inspirational and transformational.

Your life changes, you start seeing good in yourself, in everyone else and in all your surroundings. You begin exploring every possibility that becomes available. You vibrate at a higher frequency. You are alive.

The Art Addiction is designed to represent professional artists from around the Globe as well as provide a solid platform for Art Aficionados, such as yourself, who simply cannot live without Art.

Art makes life worth living. Art, with its positive flow of energy, can cross borders and unite cultures. Enrich your life and explore spiritual growth through your interaction with Art. Share uplifting thoughts and sacred feelings. Let your heart and soul soar!